Your #1 Resource For Recalls

  • Food products are being removed from grocery store shelves at an alarming rate. 
  • Frozen dinners have been recalled for containing salmonella and small bone fragments.

  • Trader Joe and Sabra hummus have been recalled due to listeria. Even the toppings are contaminated.
  • Eggs are one of the animal by-products that have been recalled the most. In 2014 alone, the FDA recalled 400 million eggs.
  • Romaine lettuce has been recalled due to E. coli and papayas are often contaminated with salmonella.

Why Watch Recalls?

Food recalls are happening at an alarming rate. Whether the FDA and other associated agencies are cracking down harder or food manufacturers are getting lazy, it’s not a good sign for consumers. And some products are spending more time being removed from grocery shelves rather than being purchased. Below are 5 of the most recalled food products that you should probably steer clear of.


Hummus has gained popularity as a healthy alternative to high-fat dip. Whether its pretzel sticks, chips, or vegetables, hummus has become a very diverse and delicious dip. Trader Joe’s and Sabra had to recall their products due to the presence of listeria. It’s even been tough keeping listeria out of the different hummus toppings. This is a huge disappointment for all hummus lovers.

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce just went through a huge recall at the end of 2018 due to E. coli. The farm associated with the main outbreak had to also recall some of its other produce including cauliflower and red leaf lettuce.


If you are a fan of this tropical fruit, you’ll want to make sure your favorite type or brand hasn’t been recalled. It isn’t uncommon for tropical fruits to be recalled for salmonella. Recently, maradol papayas from Mexico tested positive for this particular contamination.

Frozen Dinners

For those who live a busy life or just hate to cook, frozen dinner meals are a lifesaver. Unfortunately, some of the most popular frozen meals have been contaminated with salmonella or listeria. While other meat-based frozen meals have either spoiled for being cooked too long prior to being frozen or have contained bone fragments.

Make Sure You Shop Wisely

It may be a good idea to stay away from some of these foods altogether, especially if they’ve been recalled from several reputable manufacturers. If you insist on continuing to buy some of the food on this list, please do your research to determine which brands have issued the most recalls. Wise shopping can only increase your chances of staying healthy.