Your Hummus Might Be Tainted with Listeria

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  • Hummus is a very popular spread that is used in a variety of different ways. However, it’s also one of the most recalled food products on the market.
  • The FDA has recalled Pita Pal Foods’ hummus due to the possibility that it was exposed to Listeria.
  • To determine if your hummus has been recalled, look for the date code between 150-176 near the “use by” date.
  • Listeria is a potentially dangerous form of bacteria that can significantly affect young children and the elderly.
  • The CDC has reported a fatality rate of 16.25% of people who get sick from Listeria.

Hummus made by Pita Pal Foods and sold in Virginia and North Carolina has been recalled. The Food and Drug Administration stated that these products might have been exposed to Listeria.

According to the FDA’s press release, the actual hummus on the shelves does not contain the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, but it was found in the manufacturing facility.

So far, no illnesses have been reported. However, you should not eat this hummus!

Where Was the Hummus Sold?

The hummus was sold at Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Lidl, Fresh Market, Target, and Kroger. The containers were made between May 20 and June 25.

The recall affects almost 90 types of hummus. The brands Bucee’s Fresh Thyme, Harris Teeter, Schnucks, and more. The very popular hummus quartet from Lidl was among the products that have been recalled, along with the entire range of Pita Pal flavors.

As always, check out the full list on the FDA’s website. You can also contact the company directly.

Check the Date Code

If you bought hummus with a date code between 150-176, then you should return the product to the store where you bought it for a refund.

The date code is somewhat hard to find. If you look at the “Use By” date on the product, you’ll see a string of numbers following it. The last three digits of the first group is the date code.

For example, you might see a product with “USE BY: 08/26/19 91168 15:39″ The date code for this hummus is 168.

What Is Listeria?

Listeria is a serious threat to your health. The bacteria causes fever, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. Healthy adults may feel sick for a few days, but children, elderly people, and people with a compromised immune system may develop a life-threatening illness.

Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to a Listeria infection. If they are exposed to the bacteria, it might cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

According to the CDC, of the 1600 people who get sick from Listeria every year, 260 of them die. That’s a fatality rate of 16.25%, so this recall is an understandable precaution.

If you bought hummus recently, even if you don’t think that its from the affected manufacturer, check the date code anyway.