If you live in the US, you’re probably accustomed to loud, poorly-made advertisements announcing some drug lawsuit or medical recall. Medicare and medical insurance are a huge business in the US, and make billions of dollars every year. As such, it’s no surprise that pharmaceutical companies can get in a rush when trying to beat each other to patent new medicine or medical equipment.

Their mismanagement and lack of oversight often leads to serious injury or death. This, in turn, makes lawyers show up to dive all over the opportunity to bleed cash out of giant pharmaceutical companies with blood on their hands. While some lawyers really are trying to enact some justice, they’re all happy to reap the paycheck.

Medical recalls are no more or less common than other types of recalls. However, they’re often much more imminently deadly than other product recalls, so they get much more press time. As such, it gives the impression that they are significantly more common than more mundane types of recalls.