It seems like every day, some automotive manufacturer is announcing a new recall. Some vehicle’s brakes are failing. Another Takata airbag is shooting out shrapnel. A seatbelt assembly can choke passengers in an accident. What gives? Why are there so many automotive recalls?

The answer is simpler than you might think: cars are complicated. There are so many tiny subassemblies and complex systems at play that make an automobile function properly. Not to mention, those parts are almost always in motion, out in the wide world. Cars are used every single day by billions of people, and they’re often getting into accidents.

As such, it’s important that every single aspect of a motor vehicle be pitch-perfect. Slight errors in small systems can have big ripple effects for the whole vehicle. A few inches of steel could be the difference between life and death in a high-speed car crash. So, vehicle recalls are more common because it’s important that every tiny thing is just right in every single vehicle on the road.