Breaking news from washing machine manufacturer Whirlpool: Some of their washing machines have been recalled out of concern that faulty components could lead to a serious fire hazard.

Machines branded “Hotpoint” or “Indesit” have faulty door locking mechanics that could overheat and lead to a fire hazard.

What Is the Mechanical Error?

The washing machines are failing to properly manage heat on the door locking mechanism while using hot water to wash clothes. The issue seems to have something to do with the heating element in the machine that causes strange issues with the door locking mechanism. Due to the current flowing through the door, some machines can end up overheating the locking mechanism.

Many people with these machines have returned home to find a machine door that is overheating or even burning, causing serious issues. Whirlpool has announced that it will begin rolling out fixes soon, but the company hasn’t offered to refund customers the price of the machines.

How Can You Tell if You Are Affected?

Currently, it appears that only machines in the UK are affected. If you want to check your washing machine, you would normally be directed to a product checker by Whirlpool, but that site is currently down for reasons unrelated to traffic. Additionally, the helpline is also currently unavailable for reasons unknown.

In short, this situation is a nightmare for the manufacturer, which is catching tremendous flack for how they’re handling it.

“We apologise to our customers for the technical issues they may be experiencing with our website. The issue is due to a third party system provider. We understand that it is not related to traffic to the website,” the beleaguered brand stated.

“The system provider is working to fix the issue as quickly as possible and the website should be back up shortly.”

If you have one of the recalled washing machines, it’s recommended that you don’t use hot water for the time being. Until Whirlpool announces the full list of recalled products, it’s unsafe to use the heating element when it could cause fires.