Although most dentists are ethical, a degree on the wall doesn’t guarantee honesty. Americans lose about $68 billion dollars a year to healthcare fraud and this includes these dental scams.

Worthless treatments, such as performing useless surgery on perfectly healthy patients to hike their own insurance billings.

Inflated billings, such as doing a minor service like tooth cleaning but billing insurance for phantom root canals.

Phantom treatments, billing insurers for treatments never performed.

Unlicensed dentists and employees, hiring unlicensed hygienists or others to perform treatments and bill the insurers as if the dentist had performed it themselves.

Fake dental plans, con artists sell fake dental insurance to people and businesses.

What price do you pay for these scams? Painful, dangerous, and possibly disfiguring surgery. Your policy limits can max out which can leave you with little or no coverage when a real issue comes up. Your dental premiums could rise.

How to prevent becoming a dental victim? Verify you need the treatment, trust your instincts, and delay treatment if need be. Get a second or even a third opinion. Check out dentists by calling your state insurance department and state dental board.