Retailers including Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods are now coming under fire for continuing to sell dangerous products following their recalls. Items included in the recalls include Ivanka Trump-branded scarves that were not properly fireproofed as well as infant sleepers and exploding speakers.

TJX Selling Recalled Goods

The three retailers are all owned by a parent company, TJX. The company continued to sell no less than nineteen recalled products between 2014 and 2019 even after government announcements of the products’ dangerous flaws.

“We deeply regret that in some instances, recalled products were not properly removed from our sales floors despite the recall processes that we had in place. We are taking appropriate steps to strengthen these processes moving forward,” wrote a spokesperson in an email.

The company is facing down both a serious PR scandal and the potential of major issues with the government.

TJX Could Face Fines or Worse

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal agency who announced the failure to comply with the recall notices, could slap some hefty fines on TJX. However, a spokesperson noted that their first order of business is to get the recalled items out of the hands of vulnerable customers.

“The Commission first works to get a recall in place and then goes back to see if any laws were violated,” said a spokesperson.

As for TJX, they added that they will “look to see if any additional action is necessary.” The company could face fines, sanctions, or even criminal charges in relation to the failure to comply with federal recall notices.

The Recalled Items

Notable among the products that weren’t properly recalled are infant sleepers that could pose a threat to the lives of very small infants. The Fisher-Price brand “Inclined sleeper accessory for Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yards” has been connected to infant deaths and was recalled. However, TJX-owned retailers continued to sell the item.

Another major recalled product that the brand failed to remove from store shelves was a line of women’s scarves made by Ivanka Trump’s brand. The scarves weren’t up to federal flammability code and could pose a burn hazard due to their sub-par quality and high flammability.