The Top 4 Dog Food Brand Recalls

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  • The Blue Buffalo dog food company has had its product recalled eight different times during the past 10-15 years. Salmonella and anti-freeze are just two of the factors that contributed to the recalls.
  • The Bravo dog food company has also had to recall its product eight times since 2007. The culprit of these recalls was salmonella and listeria which is an indication that their facilities were not up to code.
  • The Evanger pet food company has recalled its products seven times. Although most of them were linked to salmonella, one recall involved the presence of the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital.
  • The Iams pet food company has issued seven recalls due to salmonella, mold, and aflatoxin contamination between 2007 and 2017.

Human food is not the only type of digestible product that can be recalled. Dog food recalls are increasing at a rate, not unlike other types of food. And many dog food companies have had several more than just one product recalled for any number of reasons.

The following Top 4 list includes those dog food brands who have had the most recalls in the past 10-15 years. This list isn’t an assessment of the different dog food brands, but a list of those who have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to make expensive changes to its product.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo prides itself as belonging to the higher tiered brand of dog food. Any owner that has special dietary restrictions for their dog would often confide in Blue Buffalo’s products due to the company’s “self-proclaimed” elite quality.

However, in the last ten years, their dog food has been recalled eight times for reasons ranging from salmonella to propylene glycol, the chemical in anti-freeze. There was one report of a senior dog who was unable to stand, walk or lift its head due to the aflatoxin found in the food.


Bravo dog food company is another manufacturer that has had eight product recalls since 2007. All of their recalls have been due to either listeria or salmonella, which is a good indication that their production facilities aren’t up to standard code.

They have since rebranded by changing their logo and packaging, more than likely as a way to separate themselves from the failures of the past. Hopefully, for your dog’s sake, that’s not the only thing they changed about their product.


Evanger has touted itself as one of the dog food companies that offers the best in all-natural nutritional ingredients. Although most of their seven recalls have been linked to salmonella, one of their most recent ones was due to the discovery of the presence of pentobarbital—the euthanasia drug.

It was thought that Evanger’s use of rendered meat is what caused the euthanasia contamination to be found in the food. However, the company has denied its use and has since then changed their supplier.


The Iams pet food company has been passed around since Paul Iams started the company in 1946. Once its most recent owner, Mars Inc. took over, the recalls began to come in full force. Its seven recalls from 2007 and 2017 have come due to various reasons from salmonella, the presence of mold, and aflatoxin contamination.

Do Your Research

It’s important that you practice due diligence when choosing or keeping up with new dog food trends. Contamination and unnatural products don’t always sneak into your dog’s food intentionally. Make sure you keep up-to-date on the different changes that dog food companies make so you can be informed and aware of what you’re putting into your best friend’s tummy.