Someone comes to your door and offers you a pitch to get you to buy an alarm system and monitoring services. Look for these signs you are being scammed!

They make you a limited time offer and claim you need to act now. They tell you the equipment is “free” however to get it for free you must sign a long-term and expensive monitoring contract.

They may pressure their way into your home then refuse to leave. It is much easier and safer to tell them on the doorstep you are not interested and close the door, then inviting them inside to be polite and they won’t leave.

They may see a sign in your yard advertising your current security company and pretend to work for them and they’re there to upgrade or replace your system, once inside they could put in a new system and have you sign papers that include a monitoring contract.

They may claim your current security company went out of business and they have taken over the accounts and you must buy new equipment and sign a new contract.

Don’t allow unexpected strangers into your home. Stay safe!