The Most Damaging Recalls Share One Thing in Common

Businesses always try to avoid shipping products that carry any deficiencies. Some products are just flat-out bad and never get purchased. These are harmless to consumers, but cost the business money. Other products don’t function correctly and simply can’t be left on the market, so they’re recalled. These are much more costly than a simple failed product.

The most damaging of all recalls, however, are those that cause lasting health conditions or death. You’ve likely heard numerous ads for law offices wanting to represent people in class action suits over mesothelioma and similar health conditions. That’s because there’s a lot of money to be made in such suits.

When a product causes a chronic health condition, the business responsible is in for some serious loss of money. People’s lives being ruined by commercial products is untenable, so courts are quick to side with the plaintiffs in such cases. This is why recalls of products that cause health conditions are considered the most damaging for any company.