Tesla to Recall Thousands of SUVs over Adhesive in Trim


Tesla, the popular electric vehicle luxury brand, is no stranger to recalls. The automaker has had to recall numerous vehicles for issues ranging from seatbelts to malfunctions in the central computer. A headline-grabbing error with some car’s autopilot system also landed the company in hot water, though new software updates have since quelled that outcry.

Now, the company will issue a recall for yet another issue on one of their vehicles. The newest recall affects some 12,300 Model X vehicles, the SUV-style Tesla that is prominently name-dropped in a recent radio hit.

German Recall Mirrors US Incident from November

The German motor authority, KBA, has issued an official recall for Tesla’s Model X vehicles relating to an issue with trim adhesive. While the exact part affected hasn’t been announced by the KBA, this recall sounds very similar to one from the United States back in November. In that earlier recall, the issue was relating to the adhesive in the roof paneling for the vehicle’s cab.

Due to the KBA’s findings, they write in a statement, Tesla will have to recall some 12,300 vehicles globally. Interestingly, this recall only affects 195 vehicles in Germany. The adhesive issue, which causes the roof to be much easier to pull loose from the top of the car, could be a major issue if it caused upholstery to fall into the driver’s line of sight while driving.

Tesla Faces Slew of Recalls

This recall isn’t even the first one that Tesla has been faced with this month. Earlier in February, the company announced it would be recalling thousands of Model S vehicles over an issue relating to the flash memory of the central touch screens in their consoles. This memory issue could cause the system to fail entirely, leading to a massive loss of functionality, including seeing the speed and controlling the car’s AC and heat.

Before that, Tesla released a similar recall to this adhesive issue back in November. Another recent recall saw issues with the suspension in nearly all of the Chinese-sold Model X and Model S vehicles, requiring a massive recall effort. This was followed by a stern warning from the Chinese government to Tesla regarding the build quality of its vehicles sold in their country.

Tesla, as well as their eccentric and controversial CEO, Elon Musk, has been rapidly thrust into the limelight due to their stylish and expensive electric vehicles. However, the company is clearly still dealing with the growing pains of being an international automaker.