Tastykake Recall: Snack Cakes Found Containing Metal Slivers


Customers who have purchased Tastykake-brand snack foods need to be aware of a sweeping recall notice. The Philadelphia-based dessert manufacturer has issued a recall on some multi-pack cupcakes and crumpets sold in the United States.

If you’ve purchased any Tastykake products recently, read on to find out how you should handle any affected products. The last thing anyone wants is to bite down into a yummy dessert and find a shard of metal inside.

Recall Reasoning

The Food and Drug Administration announced the recall on Sunday. The notice was issued voluntarily by the manufacturer, Flower Foods. According to the company, the metal fragments are slivers of a wire mesh used in the packaging process.

A vendor reportedly detected the presence of the wire mesh in some of the Tastykake products and alerted Flower Foods immediately.

Affected products were available in stores across several states, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. The items were available for purchase at retailers like Target and Walmart.

Recalled Items

Three flavors of Tastykake cupcakes are under recall. The affected flavors are plain chocolate, buttercream iced, and crème-filled chocolate. All the contaminated products have sell-by dates ranging from December 14 to December 21.

The recall also covers some Krimpet Tastykake products. These include jelly, butterscotch, and crème filled Krimpets. These items bear sell-by dates ranging from November 20 to December 8.

According to the company, no customers have reported injuries as a result of the metal contamination. The recall has been called a “precautionary measure” by Flower Foods.

What Should You do?

“Affected product should be discarded or may be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund,” reads the company’s statement. Customers should not attempt to consume any of the affected products, even if they look like they weren’t contaminated. The slim shards of metal could be tricky to detect within the cakes, so customers should discard them. If you still have the receipt, you should return the items to the store you purchased them from for a refund.

This recall is the most notable for Flower Foods this year. The Georgia-based firm owns multiple popular baked-goods brands. In addition to Tastykake, Flower Foods owns Dave’s Killer Bread, Mrs. Freshley’s, Nature’s Own, and Canyon Bakehouse. None of the company’s other brands are affected by the current recall notice, however.