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Subaru Recalls over 360,000 Vehicles over Airbag Issue

It seems like a week can’t go by without a car company needing to make an airbag recall. Case in point: Subaru has recently recalled 366,000 Foresters over concerns related to the airbag sensor. The matter was the subject of an NHTSA investigation in August, and now the company is officially recalling vehicles affected by the issue.

Why Is the Subaru Recall Happening?

The NHTSA started an investigation into allegedly faulty airbag sensors for the front passenger seats of Foresters in August 2019. That investigation has resulted in Subaru filing the paperwork for a proper recall. The primary issue at hand is with models of the vehicle that have heated seats.

According to the investigation, some 2015-2018 Foresters with heated seats have components in the heated seating that can cause certain connections to wear down. Those connections, in turn, are the ones meant to alert the vehicle’s computer to the presence of a passenger. Without them, the vehicle will not detect a passenger and will fail to deploy passenger airbags in the event of a crash.

Those with Foresters from this era should be able to notice the “passenger airbag off” warning if they are affected by this issue. If you see this light even when you have a passenger, discontinue use of the front passenger seat.

Which Vehicles Are Affected in the Recall?

The recall covers some 366,000 Subaru Foresters in the model years between 2015 and 2018. Only Subaru vehicles with heated seats are affected. The issue was detected early enough that Subaru hasn’t received any notifications of injuries from this malfunction. The company will begin notifying affected owners by mail starting on November 29.

If that seems like a long time, that’s because it is. Subaru has stated that they simply don’t have enough parts to make the fix on the large scale yet. However, once parts come in and notifications go out, owners of Foresters need only go to a local Subaru dealership for an inspection.

Dealerships will replace the seat sensor free of charge for affected vehicles.

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