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Subaru Recalls 400,000 Vehicles over Engine Debris Issues

Subaru is set to issue a recall for over 400,000 of their vehicles due to concerns relating to engine debris. Additional issues include engine control computers that are malfunctioning. If you drive a Subaru car, you could be affected by this recall, so read on.

Which Cars Are Covered in the Recall?

There are actually two recalls occurring simultaneously for similar issues. The first Subaru recall affects 466,000 vehicles and covers–specifically, 2018 and 2019 Subaru Crosstreks, as well as 2017 through 2019 Imprezas.

The second recall affects some 205,000 Imprezas from 2017 to 2019 and Crosstreks from 2018 and 2019. Subaru will issue both recalls simultaneously.

What Is the Purpose of the Recalls?

The first recall is for the engine computer that powers the ignition coils. In some models, the engine computer is malfunctioning and may keep the ignition coils on even when the car is supposed to be turned off. This improper protocol can cause serious issues, including short circuits and even blown fuses.

The second recall is in relation to engine debris from aluminum positive crankcase ventilation valves. These valves can fall apart under some circumstances, resulting in them depositing debris into the engine during operation. As you might expect, this could cause serious issues with the vehicle’s performance.

When Will the Recalls Be Issued?

Both recalls will begin on December 13th in the US, and drivers of affected vehicles will be notified by mail or by phone. After being recalled, drivers should take their vehicles to a local Subaru dealership to have them serviced by official technicians.

In the case of the engine computer malfunction, dealerships will have technicians update the software in the computers. Additionally, they will be able to replace the ignition coils and front exhaust pipes if needed.

Meanwhile, the aluminum positive crankcase ventilation valves on the other vehicles will be replaced. If the valves can’t be found, then the entire engine will be replaced. In either case, the dealerships will be performing these repairs free of charge for affected vehicles.

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