Recalled Purina Pet Food May Have Caused Sickness and Death in Animals


Manufacturer Purina Animal Nutrition has recalled six types of pet food due to elevated calcium levels. Customers allege that the food caused sickness and even death in their animals.

Purina Admits Fault

In a notice to the FDA, Purina Animal Nutrition (which is not the same Purina owned by Nestle that sells cat and dog foods, by the way) admitted that the calcium levels might have caused customers to lose their pets.

According to the notice, “Elevated calcium carbonate levels can cause health issues and potential mortality in rabbits. Continued feeding of these products may result in death as a result of feed refusal. Elevated calcium carbonate levels in young chickens and turkeys can lead to leg abnormalities and kidney calcification.”

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Recall Details

The foods for rabbits, turkeys, and chickens that have been recalled are:

  • Purina Rabbit Complete, 50-pound bags, lot Nos. 0JAN06MFI3 and 0FEB03MFI3; 25-pound bags, lot No. 0FEB03MFI3.
  • Purina Rabbit Show, 50-pound bags, lot Nos. 0JAN09MFI1 and 0JAN24MFI3.
  • Purina Rabbit Professional, 50-pound bags, lot Nos. 9DEC17MFI3, 0JAN09MFI1 and 0FEB03MFI3.
  • Purina Turkey Starter AMP 0.0125%, 50-pound bags, lot No. 0JAN24MFI3.
  • Country Acres Rabbit Pellet 18, 50-pound bags, lot Nos. 0JAN09MFI1 and 0JAN23MFI1.
  • DuMOR Chick Starter/Grower 20%, 50-pound bags, lot No. 09DEC18MFI1; 20-pound bags, lot Nos. 0JAN08MFI1, 0JAN23MFI1 and 0JAN28MFI3.

The various feeds were sold at Tractor Supply Company throughout 32 states:

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Nebraska, South Dakota, Florida, Virginia, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, California, West Virginia, Texas, Hawaii, and Arizona.

What to Do Next

Concerned rabbit and poultry owners should stop using this feed immediately. You can return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

In addition, be on the lookout for “pinkish urine” in rabbits, which could indicate a build-up of calcium. If you think that your rabbit might be ill, take it to the vet for a complete checkup.

You can contact Purina at 800-227-8941, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, with any additional questions.