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Update on Onion Salmonella Outbreak

The FDA issued an update to the ongoing salmonella outbreak, which has now spread to 47 states. Thomson International of Bakersfield, CA, has recalled all of the red, yellow, white, and sweet onions they shipped from May to August of this year.

The number of reported illnesses is now 869, with 116 hospitalizations. Only Vermont, Louisiana, and Oklahoma have not reported cases since the beginning of this widespread outbreak.

Not only were the onions sold in the produce sections of many grocery stores across the country, but they were also used to make ready-to-eat deli products at Kroger, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, and other stores. The FDA urges consumers not to eat any onions from Thomson, or any products made with those onions.

General Mills Mislabels 3000 Cans of Progresso Soup

If you’re choosing the “organic” version of your favorite canned soup, chances are good that you are more health-conscious than most people. So discovering that your soup had been mislabeled by the manufacturer–and contains undeclared allergens such as soy and dairy–you’re probably going to be pretty upset.

That’s what happened at General Mills, which owns the Progresso brand of canned soups. Cans of Organic Chicken Noodle Soup (14 oz size) with the “better if used by date” of May 26, 2022 were packed with the wrong label.

You are encouraged not to eat this soup if you have any food allergies. Consumers who chose to throw out the uneaten soup may contact General Mills Consumer Relations at 1-800-200-9377.

Kmart Recalls 20,000 Dressers for Tip-Over Hazard

Although this recall is not quite on the scale of the IKEA dresser saga, Kmart has pulled 20,000 dressers that could tip over and injure or kill a child.

Like other recalls of this type, the issue is that young children could try to pull themselves up using the drawer pulls or an open drawer. If that happens, the dresser will tip forward, potentially crushing the child and trapping them underneath the furniture.

This horrific scenario has played out far too many times, and yet companies continue making furniture that can easily tip over. This time, it’s the Essential Home “Belmont 2.0” 4-drawer dresser. They were sold at Kmart from March 2018 to April 2020. Kmart previously recalled over a million Belmont dressers in 2019 for the same hazard.

The company is not offering a refund. Instead, they will send consumers a free wall anchor kit to secure the dresser.

Faulty Seatbelts Lead to Major Volvo Recall

Finally, Volvo is recalling 244,800 Volvos in China. The following vehicles, which were all manufactured in China, are part of the recall: S80, S80L, S60, S60L, V70, V60, XC60 and V60CC.

The seatbelt fasteners in the recalled vehicles could become bent over time. In the event of a crash, the damaged buckles could fail completely. It’s not clear yet if Volvos sold in the US have a similar defect. Recall Informer will keep you posted as this story develops.