Recall Roundup: Mercedes & Buick, Pet Food, Thyroid Medication, and More


Here at Recall Informer, we are dedicated to bringing you breaking information about the recalls that impact your family. Today, we cover two automotive recalls, an ongoing pet food issue, faulty thyroid medication, and tainted sprouts.

Automotive Recalls from Mercedes-Benz and GM

Automakers Mercedes-Benz and GM are both recalling a handful of late-model vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is pulling select 2020 GLB250 SUVs beginning on November 13. The second-row seats in these vehicles may be misaligned. If that’s the case, they will not lock correctly on the seat tracks.

GM announced recalls for 2020 Buick Encore GX models and 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazers. In both cases, the front seats may be missing attachment bolts. Like the Mercedes recall above, improperly secured seats present a huge safety issue. GM will begin checking and repairing these vehicles in mid-October.

More Pet Food Recalled

The FDA announced another recall of pet food, in addition to the toxic mold we warned you about recently. The Real Pet Food Company pulled the Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo and Superfoods Recipe 4lb bags of dog food from shelves. This food could be contaminated with Salmonella.

When pet food is contaminated, both animals and humans run the risk of getting sick. Just handling the food can spread the bacteria or parasites to pet owners. In addition, dogs that get sick with Salmonella could pass the illness to their owners by licking them.

Thyroid Medication Recall

If you take thyroid medication levothyroxine, you may need to get in touch with your doctor. Acella Pharmaceuticals is recalling 15 mg and 120 mg NP Thyroid tablets. The medication may contain only a fraction of the correct dosage of the active ingredient. Labs found only about 87% of the listed amount of levothyroxine in the recalled pills.

The recalled 15 mg tablet has lot number M327E19-1 with an expiration date of October 2020 and NDC number of 42192-327-01.

The recalled 120 mg tablet has lot number M328F19-3 with an expiration date of November 2020 and NDC number of 42192-328-01.

Revenge of the Sprouts

Sprouts are some of the most commonly recalled foods. Once again, food safety regulators discovered a tainted batch of sprouts. This time, the Salmonella outbreak is limited to Canada. Sprouts Alive brand and Sunsprout brand Micro-Greens Alfalfa are linked to illnesses in a number of people. The manufacturer has already pulled these products from shelves.

One of the reasons sprouts so often carry illness is that they are consumed raw. Cooking will kill off many food-borne pathogens. Since that is not an option for sprouts, some experts suggest avoiding consuming them if you are part of an at-risk population.