This week, we’ve got a few updates on previous recalls as well as new warnings about food and medicine you need to know.

Fresh Express Recall Expands Even Farther

This is not a good time to buy bagged salads. Fresh Express, a major player in the pre-washed produce game, is recalling even more products due to an outbreak of Cyclospora.

This microscopic parasite causes nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. It requires antibiotics. Bagged salad blends–including those that were packaged by Fresh Express for retailers like Aldi and Walmart–with a product code beginning with the letter Z could be impacted.

Harbor Freight Fails to Fix Faulty Jack

A while back, we wrote about Harbor Freight Pittsburgh-brand jacks. These shop tools could collapse due to a faulty mechanism–potentially trapping someone under a fallen car. Not ideal.

Unfortunately, the product that Harbor Freight replaced the faulty jacks is also badly manufactured. Founder Eric Smidt wrote customers this week to confess that the new jacks may have a welding defect. These jacks also need to be returned and replaced–hopefully with a product that actually works this time.

Hand Sanitizer Recalled for Toxic Ingredient

Oh, the irony! Two brands of hand sanitizer have been yanked by the FDA because of a toxic ingredient.

Almost 20,000 bottles of All Clean Hand Sanitizer, Moisturizer, and Disinfectant are being recalled. The one-liter bottles contain methanol. Mystic Shield Protection Tropical Solution, sold in 250ml bottles, has also been recalled.

Even More Diabetes Drugs Recalled

As we predicted, more manufacturers of generic metformin drugs are pulling products from the shelves. The diabetes medication has been found to have excessive levels of NDMA, a compound that could cause cancer. Drug companies Granules Pharmaceuticals and Lupin Pharmaceuticals join the growing list of recalls.

If you take extended-release metformin tablets of any dosage, consider contacting your doctor.

KIND Bars Contain Deadly Undeclared Allergen

Finally, a warning for fans of KIND granola bars. The popular company recently recalled their Oats & Honey Granola with Toasted Coconut Pouches. These snacks contained undeclared sesame seeds.

People who have an allergy to sesame seeds should not consume this product. The company is in the middle of changing their recipe for the snack pouches, but KIND had not updated the packaging to warn consumers about the sesame seeds.

The Oats & Honey snacks were sold in 11-ounce or 17-ounce packages. Check your pantry if you or anyone in your household has a sesame seed allergy.