Products That Haven’t Been Recalled, Despite Health Risks

People who keep up with the latest recall news like to know which products are safe for their families. No one wants to buy a product that can lead to health issues or worse. That’s why keeping up with which products are dangerous is so important. However, some dangerous products manage to go undetected and have avoided recalls altogether.

Case in point? Cigarettes. Despite numerous ad campaigns urging people to stop smoking, cigarettes remain popular. Smoking can increase your risk of all kinds of medical issues, from heart and lung diseases to gum and throat issues. However, cigarettes remain on the market, their flaws known by most everyone.

Alcohol, similarly, is allowed to stay on the market despite its known negative effects on health. As a depressant and addictive substance, alcohol can wreak serious havoc on your internal organs. Liver disease, as well as dependency conditions, can develop easily from consumption of too much alcohol. However, the product remains legal for adults over 21 to purchase in the US.