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Pizza Lovers Beware: Twelve Tons of Sausage Used for Pepperoni Recalled

In a crushing blow to pizza lovers everywhere, Ezzo Sausage Company has recalled twelve tons of sausage used to make pepperoni. Ezzo, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, has recalled the meat products after a Food and Safety Inspection Service test revealed possible listeria contamination in the meat produced by the company.

Why Was the Sausage Recalled?

Listeria is a bacteria contaminant in meat products that can cause serious illness. In the case of Ezzo, their recall is in response to an FSIS inspection that showed a high likelihood that some of the sausage products they have recently shipped could be contaminated with listeria.

The Department of Agriculture and the FSIS released a statement regarding the recall: “FSIS is concerned that some product may be in distribution centers, restaurants, or institutional refrigerators or freezers. Restaurants and institutions that have purchased these products are urged not to serve them.”

What Products Have Been Recalled?

Ezzo’s products are primarily sold in Ohio and Indiana, though they could be in other regions as well. Consumers are urged to check the full product list to make sure they don’t accidentally ingest any of the recalled products. Namely, sausage used to make pepperoni for pizzas at restaurants is covered in the recall.

As such, consumers in Ohio and Indiana are urged to stay clear of pepperoni pizza for a few days while restaurants sort out the recall. Thankfully, no illnesses have been reported at the time of this writing. The recall is based solely on product testing, not in response to a disease outbreak.

What Is Listeria?

Listeria is a bacterium that can cause illness in humans when ingested. In otherwise healthy adults, it can cause vomiting, nausea, headaches and muscle cramps, but usually goes away without treatment. In people with compromised immune systems, however, a listeria infection could prove deadly.

As such, women who are pregnant, older adults, young children, and people on immune suppressants should be very wary of ingesting any products under a recall notice. An infection could lead to life-threatening illness and could require hospitalization or worse.


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