Phone Recalls: The Most Famous Cellphone Recall

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the kind of phone that was really just made to blow up. That’s not a turn of phrase based on the phone’s popularity, either: the phone literally exploded. In one of the most famous phone recalls of all time, Samsung recalled the Note 7 in 2016 over its exploding battery.

The Korean tech company really couldn’t catch a break with the Note 7. Originally meant to be named the Note 6, the device had its numeral designation bumped up by one to match its sibling, the Samsung Galaxy, which had just released its seventh iteration.

This proved to be poor luck for Samsung, The device had a battery sourced from a third-party manufacturer, and, as it turned out, the battery wasn’t properly tested before being shipped. Numerous customers complained of their phones literally exploding when the battery would overheat. This was a major PR nightmare for Samsung, who rushed to recall the affected devices.