Recall Informer

Our Mission Statement

As consumers, a lot of faith goes into the products that we buy. From the food that we eat to the toys we give our children, and even the cars we sit in every day to get where we need to be. Assumptions on safety and testing are made each and every day.

But what happens when that fails us?

In early April of 2018, a good friend felt so ill with the stomach flu that he went to the ER. It turns out it wasn’t a simple stomach issue – it was salmonella poisoning, and the source seemed to be the romaine lettuce he had for lunch the previous day. While it didn’t threaten his life, he was incredibly sick and it was difficult to watch.

He was one of 200 cases of people who got violently ill due to eating contaminated lettuce that month. In November, it happened again. 48 more people were sick, and I was appalled. Lettuce is supposed to be healthy. How did two different batches of the same lettuce get contaminated? What safety standards are being ignored?

I started doing research on recalled foods and recalled products in general. What I discovered horrified me.

Hundreds of products are recalled every single year. Toys for infants that contain lead paint, yogurt with shards of glass in it, meat products that have human blood… even safety equipment isn’t truly safe.

Don’t think because you’re spending a lot of money, it makes a difference. The name brands don’t truly matter – Fisher-Price, a major name in the toddler world, saw a recall in 2019 after over 30 infants died in a sleeper. Improper testing, cutting corners, and corporate greed is often at the heart of these recalls.

I had to do something. That’s why I created Recall Informer, a website that is made to share the most important and dangerous recalls that are happening right now. Because unless it is something that has already hurt dozens of people, you probably won’t hear about these recalls unless you search them out.

Our Goal

Our goal is to compile as much information about recalled products as we can to ensure that you as a consumer can make the best-informed purchases possible. I believe that consumers have a right to know what companies are making mistakes, and when.

Don’t put your health at risk. Don’t put your family at risk. Stay up to date with alerts from Recall Informer so you never miss what could be a life-threatening recall of something you use every single day.


Johnny Priest