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Nestle Cookie Dough Recall: What to Look Out For

Everyone knows that the holiday season is prime time for baking cookies at home with the family. The temperature is dropping, family bonding is encouraged, and everyone wants some tasty treats. However, this holiday season, you need to be aware of the risks posed by a recent Nestle cookie dough recall.

If you’ve purchased any Nestle Toll House ready-to-bake cookie dough products in the past few weeks, read on to find out what has been recalled by the company, and why.

Why Did Nestle Issue the Recall?

Nestle issued a recall on the cookie dough earlier this week in order to prevent the potential for injury or illness.

Over two dozen different products were recalled over concerns that there may have been a foreign object contaminate. Nestle announced that some batches of the ready-to-bake cookie dough may have food-grade rubber contamination in the form of bits of rubber mixed into the dough.

This, of course, could pose a health hazard for a number of reasons. Someone eating the raw dough could choke on a piece of rubber or could fall ill due to ingesting or chewing on the foreign object. Children, especially, could be at risk, as they might not understand that the piece of rubber isn’t a food item.

What Has Nestle Recalled?

The recall covers 26 different products, including chocolate chip logs and tubs, holiday flavors of cookie dough, and M&M’s cookie dough flavors. Check Nestle’s press release for the complete list of recalled products. However, the important thing to note is that all Nestle Toll House cookie dough brands with batch numbers 9189 through 9295 are affected by this recall.

You can find a product’s batch number following the “best by” date and before the number 5753 on the back of the packaging. If your product is one of the recalled items, don’t eat any of it.

You can take it back to the store you bought it from for a refund if you would like, or you can simply discard it, as it is unsafe for consumption.


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