Nearly 200,000 Ford Vehicles Recalled Over Brake Issue


Ford Motors recently announced a recall for nearly 200,000 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles. Some Mustangs were also covered under the recall notice. Ford recently discovered that these vehicles can encounter a dangerous hardware failure when exposed to high heat and humidity for prolonged periods.

Read on for more information regarding this sweeping recall. If your vehicle has been affected, Ford will notify you by mail starting on March 3.

Which Vehicles Are Recalled? 

The recall affects some 2015 Mustangs and several 2015 Ford Fusion and 2015 Lincoln MKZ vehicles. Ford reports that the hardware failure can occur in vehicles sold or registered in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. The issue is related to high heat and humidity, which means that vehicles in the Southeast and Hawaii are at the highest risk.

What Is the Hardware Issue?

The hardware issue in question relates to the vehicles’ brakes. Affected cars in hot, humid areas develop a failure in their brake system that keeps their brake lights on continuously. This happens when high temperatures wear down a rubber component in the brake system, making the car’s internal components register the brakes as continuously engaged.

As such, nearby drivers could become confused by the sight of brake lights that are on even when the car ahead is accelerating. This confusion can increase the chances of a traffic accident.

This hardware failure can also cause complications for drivers of automatic Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, and Mustang cars. The automobiles’ transmission systems might be able to shift out of park while the driver doesn’t have their foot on the brake. This failure could cause damage to the transmission or accidents in parking lots as drivers accidentally shift their vehicles into “drive.” 

What To Do If You Own a Recalled Vehicle

Ford owners might not realize they own a recalled vehicle, because issues with brake lights are difficult for owners to detect. If you own a Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, or 2015 Mustang, ask a friend to follow your vehicle while you drive around your neighborhood so they can tell you if your vehicle has developed the brake light issue. If it has, stop driving your car until Ford contacts you regarding the recall.

Owners of recalled automobiles will be eligible for free repairs at Ford dealerships after they are contacted by mail.