Muffins Sold in Major Retailers Recalled over Listeria Concerns


You can’t even buy a muffin at the store these days without worrying that it might have been contaminated with a dangerous bacteria strain. Muffins sold under multiple brand names in stores like Wal-Mart and 7-11 have been recalled for concerns relating to listeria contamination. The muffins were all packaged by foodstuffs company Give and Go and includes a very wide variety of pre-packaged muffins.

A massive twenty-six different packaged muffins from Give and Go are voluntarily recalled. An FDA warning lists numerous flavors and varieties as being impacted by the recall. Read on for more details.

What Was Recalled?

Flavors ranging from blueberry, double chocolate, banana nut, chocolate chip, and blueberry streusel flavors are all covered in the recall notice. Name brands included in the recall vary, but some are 7-Eleven Selects, Freshness Guaranteed, The Worthy Crumb, Stop & Shop, Great Value, Uncle Wally’s, and Marketside.

For a complete list of the recalled brands and flavors, check the FDA website here.

Voluntary Recall

The muffins were recalled voluntarily by Give and Go after an internal environmental investigation revealed that some of their muffin products were contaminated with listeria. The company has stated that they haven’t heard any reports of anyone falling ill due to ingesting the recalled muffins. As such, this recall has been initiated out of an abundance of caution.

Listeria is a dangerous bacteria strain that can cause serious illness in adults and children alike. In otherwise healthy adults, listeriosis is often called “food poisoning” and manifests in vomiting, diarrhea, fever, upset stomach, and occasionally headaches.

In people with compromised immune systems, listeriosis is extremely dangerous. Pregnant women, older adults, and very young children could also experience severe complications from listeria. In some cases, the bacterial infection moves beyond the digestive system and can cause an infection in the nervous system. These cases could be deadly and have symptoms that include neck stiffness, muscle soreness, and confusion.

What to do if You Bought Recalled Products

If you purchased any of the recalled muffins, don’t panic. Just take the items back to where you bought them, show the clerk your receipt, and ask for a refund on the recalled products. If they’re unable to grant you a refund, discard the recalled products in a safe location and make sure no one eats any of the potentially contaminated muffins.