Massive Mercedes-Benz Recall over Detaching Sunroofs; 125,00 Cars Affected


Auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has announced a massive new vehicle recall that covers over 125,00 cars. The recall is related to an issue with the cars’ sunroofs which can cause them to detach. Does this recall affect your vehicle? Read on for more information about this recall to find out which vehicles are covered. Why the issue is happening, and what should you do if your car is subject to a recall?

Which Vehicles are Covered? 

The recall covers over 125,000 coupe and sedan models produced between 2001 and 2011. These vehicles range from C-Class, CLK, E-Class, and CLS models. It also includes a handful of AMG variants that apply to the terms of the sunroof issue. All of the affected vehicles were sold in the US, and they have inadequate bonding between the glass panel and the sliding roof frame. 

Drivers will be notified by mail starting in February 2023 if their vehicles are covered under this notice. Before then, they might detect higher wind noise from their sunroofs before the entire component fails.

Cause of the Issue

The issue is caused by an insufficient bonding agent between the glass panel of the sunroof and the sliding frame that supports it. “Due to a production deviation at a supplier, glass panels might have been bonded without proper application and/or ventilation of the primer (bonding agent),” Mercez-Benz said in an official release. 

“The correct usage of the primer is necessary to ensure the specified strength of the bonded joint. In this case, the adhesion of the bond might deteriorate gradually over time. Therefore, the specified durability requirements of the bond would not be guaranteed. As a consequence, a separation of the glass panel from the vehicle cannot be ruled out. This could increase the risk of a potential accident and/or injury for other road users.”

What Should You Do?

If you own a recalled vehicle and you have noticed higher wind noise from the sunroof, discontinue the use of the vehicle for the time being. Take the vehicle to a Mercedes-Benz dealership so professional repair technicians can fix the issue. Mercedes will offer these repairs to affected drivers free of charge. 

If a driver has already experienced these issues and covered the repairs out of their own pocket outside of the factory warranty period, they will be reimbursed under the recall notice. Drivers should be careful in the meantime to not further exacerbate the sunroof issue.