Major Cadillac Recall: Potential Fire Risk from Faulty Fuel Lines


There’s a major recall down for three 2021 vehicles that concerns the fuel lines in some luxury SUVs. If you drive a Cadillac XT5, Cadillac XT6, or GMC Acadia, your SUV could be under a recall. Read on to find out if your vehicle is at increased risk for a fire.

Fuel Line Recall

The recall notice on the three vehicles was issued over concerns that the fuel line was installed improperly in some of the SUVs made by GM. While the notice was issued in June, GM stated at the time that it is unaware of any injuries in relation to the faulty fuel line.

The issue with the fuel lines can result in the line coming loose, either making a gap between the line and the engine or even pulling free completely. In either case, the fuel can get into the engine block and result in an increased risk of a fire.

The most concerning aspect of this hardware failure is that the line can become loose during the normal operation of the vehicles. Even driving at normal speeds for standard commutes can result in the fuel line error, which results in both a giant mess and a huge fire hazard.

What You Need to Do

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail starting in July. If you own any of the affected SUVs, then you should be careful when operating and parking them. Make sure you park the vehicles outdoors and far away from any structures or trees. If you smell gas from the engine block, discontinue use of the vehicle immediately.

Affected vehicles will be repaired by GMC or Cadillac free of charge. Authorized dealerships will be able to affect the repairs by inspecting the fuel lines and replacing them if they aren’t housed properly.

GM Recall Troubles Roll On

Quality control has been a topic of contention for GM in recent months. Vehicles like the Chevy Colorado and Trailblazer have been recalled for issues ranging from faulty seatbelt assemblies to missing bolts in the seats.

These QA failures have brought on an unprecedented number of recalls for the company in the first half of 2021, which is concerning for car owners. These recalls are especially frustrating for new car owners, as brand-new vehicles are more expensive than ever this year thanks to an ongoing semiconductor shortage. Many buyers are opting to get recent used cars instead of buying new ones in light of the high prices and quality control issues plaguing modern cars.