Lowe’s Recalls Saws for Laceration Hazard


You could argue that all saws pose a laceration risk. After all, their sole purpose is to cut things. However, these two types of cordless electric saws sold at Lowe’s present a unique hazard to the people who use them.

What Happened?

In announcement through the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Lowe’s announced that they are recalling two types of electric saws. Both saws are cordless and sold under the brand “Kobalt.”

Kobalt brand 40-volt Lithium Ion 8-inch Cordless Electric Pole Saws can “fail while under a heavy load,” according to the official recall notice. If that happens, it can “cause the unit to continue running after the user releases the trigger, posing a laceration hazard to consumers.”

The Kobalt Brand 40-volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Chainsaw also poses a safety hazard. “The chainsaw can remain in the ‘on’ position, posing a laceration hazard to consumers,” the CPSC warns.

Over 100,000 pole saws and 150,000 chainsaws are involved in this recall.

How to Fix the Issue

Consumers may be frustrated to learn that they cannot simply return the saws to Lowe’s. As is the case for many consumer products recalls, the solution needs to come from the manufacturer, not the seller.

In this case, people who purchased one of these saws must contact Hongkong Sun Rise Trading. You can call them toll-free at 855-378-8826 Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Friday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, or online at www.greenworkstools.com and click on “Important Safety Notice” for more information.

The safety notices are hidden in small print at the very bottom of the page. You will need to scroll all the way down to find it.

Here’s Where Things Get Interesting

If you follow the link as instructed on greenworkstools.com, you’ll find several safety announcements about cordless chainsaws. There’s just one problem–those announcements are from February 2018.

It turns out that the company recalled multiple cordless chainsaws that year:

  • Greenworks Pro 80V 16-inch Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw
  • Greenworks Pro 80V 16-inch Brushless Cordless Electric Chainsaw
  • Greenworks Commercial 82V 18-inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw
  • Kobalt 80V 18-inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw
  • Snapper XD 82V 18-inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Different brand names, same manufacturer. These 80v electric saws also presented brake problems that posed a laceration hazard. It appears to be the same issue that caused the recall in the 40v products today. Customers looking for help with the current recall, however, may be frustrated. The links to the brake replacement instructions and videos lead back to the main Product Safety Notices page.

It appears that the company will supply a repair kit that customers must use at home to fix this issue. Lowe’s does not appear to offer an exchange or refund due to the recall.