Lawn Mowers with Kawasaki Engines Recalled Due to Burn and Fire Hazards


Certain lawn mowers sold between June 2017 and August 2019 are being recalled for fire and burn hazards. Ferris IS 2100Z ZTR zero-turn lawnmowers and the Cub Cadet Pro Z 760 LKW EFI zero-turn lawnmowers equipped with a Kawasaki engine are involved in the recall.

Kawasaki Engine Recall Information

Aside from mowers, the Kawasaki engine was sold separately. To determine if your engine is safe for operation, you’ll need to look at the engine fan housing. Locate the model and serial number imprinted on the housing.

The series “Kawasaki FX850V EFI” will be imprinted on the engine fan housing. Engines with this imprint, including models FX850V-AS44 with a serial number range from  FX850VB19736-FX850VB44147, are part of the recall, as well as, model FX850V-AS47 with serial numbers in the range of FX850VB20733-FX850VB40776. There are approximately 950 Kawasaki engines in total being recalled.

The safety recall is due to a faulty fuel injector that can leak excessive amounts of fuel into the engine. This can cause the engine to burn or catch fire during operation, making it unsafe for use until the proper repair has been preformed.

What to Do

If you have a Kawasaki lawn mower engine that is part of the recall, stop using the mower immediately. You’ll need to contact Kawasaki directly or schedule a free repair at a Kawasaki dealer. You can contact Kawasaki on their toll-free number, 866-836-4463 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday.

To read the full recall alert or to report an incident regarding the recall, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission page.