Once again, Ikea has issued a recall on dressers because of the danger they pose to children. 820,000 dressers are in the newest recall, which have a potential risk of tipping over and crushing small children. Since 2016, Ikea has recalled 17.3 million dressers.

The culprit in this new recall by Ikea is the three-drawer Kullen dresser, which was announced by Ikea and the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Wednesday.

Ikea Recalls Kullen Dresser, Could Tip Over and Crush Children

People who own the Kullen dresser are being urged by the CPSC to immediately stop using it if they haven’t properly anchored the dresser to a wall. A wall anchoring kit can be ordered by consumers from Ikea, or they also have the option of returning the dresser for a full refund. If they can’t bring the dresser to the store, they can arrange pickup by Ikea.

Dressers sold by Ikea have been linked to the deaths of at least children and have injured dozens more. On Wednesday, Ikea revealed that it had received six more reports of the three-drawer Kullen falling over, with two involving minor injuries.

This new announcement comes two months after Ikea previously agreed to pay $46 million to the parents of a toddler who passed away in 2017 after one of Ikea’s dressers fell on top of him. The family said they weren’t aware of any recalls and blamed Ikea for not doing enough to let people know of the dangers involved.

The $46 million dollar settlement was three times the amount that Ikea has paid in the past for similar lawsuits, with $50 million being split between three families.

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Why Are Ikea Dressers So Dangerous Compared to Other Brands?

While all dressers can potentially tip over, the dressers recalled by Ikea are especially dangerous since they didn’t meet minimum standards of safe design. When that standard is met, it can help ensure that dressers stay upright when they have 50 pounds hung over an extended drawer. 50 pounds simulates the weight of a child.

That safety standard is considered voluntary and is embraced by many furniture manufacturers–but Ikea flooded the United States market with furniture that didn’t meet those standards. Ikea admits that the dressers are only considered safe when attached by a tether to a wall.

On Wednesday, Ikea said that the three-drawer Kullen also does not meet that standard, which was updated in 2019 and applies to all dressers that are 27 inches and taller. The Kullen dresser is just shy of 29 inches and was sold from April 2005 to December 2019.

Every two weeks, on average, a child dies from having a piece of furniture, appliance or television fall over on them, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. 28,000 people are injured from furniture tipping over each year, with more than half of that number representing children.

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