If you’re a fan of IKEA’s low-priced home goods and furniture, you might be in for a surprise. The popular Swedish brand has issued a recall for an espresso machine sold in its US stores. This recall notes that the coffee maker could cause burns or other injuries. If you’ve purchased a coffee machine from IKEA recently, you should continue reading to learn the details of this recall.

What’s Been Recalled?

The recall covers 2,100 espresso machines sold in IKEA stores in the US. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the products “can burst and expel hot contents, posing burn or other injury hazards to consumers.” The recalled products all feature stainless steel safety valves that reportedly don’t function correctly and can burst. 

The recalled items were sold from 2020 through 2022 at locations worldwide. The US version of the espresso machine was sold for around $20, though the price may have varied in some locations. Check your device for a date stamp. If it’s been covered in the recall, it will include a stamped number between 2040 and 2204. 

What To Do If You Own a Recalled Item

If you’ve purchased an IKEA espresso machine with a date stamp between 2040 and 2204, you need to stop using it immediately. Return the device to the IKEA location you purchased it from so they can safely dispose of it and offer you a refund. IKEA representatives say that customers don’t need a receipt or other proof of purchase to secure the refund, only that they provide the affected machine.

It’s imperative that customers not use the affected machines. Their design malfunction can cause them to overheat and burst, potentially spewing hot liquid all over the room. This can cause burns and other injuries, and can also damage other items in your home. If the hot liquids hit open sources of electricity, it could cause a short circuit and even lead to a fire.

Recall Information

IKEA representatives stated that the company isn’t aware of any injuries from these explosions in the US. However, international customers have reported burning injuries in four cases, leading to the complete recall of the product in all regions.

What’s more, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that IKEA is aware of 16 incidents involving affected espresso machines exploding while in use. Unplug any recalled devices and return them to IKEA immediately to secure a refund.