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GM Set to Recall Over 600,000 Vehicles Over Brake Glitch

GM has once again announced a vehicle recall, this time for trucks and SUVs that are experiencing unusual braking glitches. Notably, this recall isn’t an issue with the actual brakes, but with a software glitch in the computer that controls the brakes.

If you drive a GM truck or SUV, this recall could affect you, so read on.

Which Vehicles Have Been Recalled?

The recall covers trucks and SUVs produced by GM. These include 2015 through 2020 Chevrolet Tahoes, 2015 through 2020 GMC Yukons, 2014 through 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, 2014 through 2018 GMC Sierra 1500s and 2015-2020 Chevrolet Suburbans.

In total, GM has announced that some 653,370 vehicles may have been affected by the recall-inducing glitch. Thankfully, however, GM has reported that they are unaware of any accidents that have resulted from this issue. However, if you drive an affected vehicle, you may still be in danger.

What Caused the Problem?

The software glitch occurs when a wheel speed sensor fails. When this happens, it causes unintentional braking to one side of the vehicle but not the other. As this occurs, it makes it more likely that the vehicle could unintentionally pull to one side or even spin out.

This, as one might imagine, could pose a serious safety risk to drivers of these vehicles and passerby in other vehicles. Since the error could occur randomly, drivers who are unaware of the software glitch wouldn’t even realize what was happening to their vehicles before it was too late.

That could lead to people getting into accidents that aren’t their fault but being blamed for them anyway. It’s a very good thing that GM is getting in front of this issue before anyone gets hurt.

What Is GM Doing About It?

GM urges drivers of the recalled vehicles to only drive in two-wheel drive mode for the time being. In this drive mode, the vehicle won’t experience the software glitch that randomly applies the brakes to one side.

GM will soon formally roll out the recall and will offer software updates free of charge at licensed dealerships.

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