American appliance manufacturer GE has recalled nearly 145,000 gas and electric stoves in North America. Retailers sold almost 132,000 recalled units in the US and roughly 13,000 in Canada. The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall action on December 8. According to the CPSC, the affected ranges have an increased risk of tipping over.

Read on for more information on this recall action and what to do if your range is affected.

Reason for Recall

The CPSC ordered the recall due to affected ranges having an increased risk of tip-overs. The stoves are likely to topple forward if users place a heavy object, such as a dish full of food, on the open oven door. These tip-overs occur if users neglected to properly install the appliance’s support bracket, according to GE.

According to the notice, no customers have reported injuries because of this design flaw. GE issued the recall out of an abundance of caution to keep customers from becoming injured. Range tip-overs are one of the most common forms of household injuries for children. As such, homeowners should always correctly install safety brackets on stoves to prevent them from tipping.

Affected Ranges

The recalled stoves were sold from May to June of 2021. According to the CPSC notice, the ranges were marketed under seven different brand names: Café, Conservator, Crosley, GE, GE Profile Haier, and Hotpoint.

The affected ranges include 30-inch, 24-inch, and 20-inch stoves. Slide-in and free-standing ovens are prone to tip-overs. As such, both varieties are included in the recall. The appliances were sold at home improvement stores throughout the US and Canada, including Home Depot and Lowes.

Is Your Stove Recalled?

To check if your stove model has been recalled, check the CPSC’s official notice. A full list of affected ranges and their serial numbers can also be found on GE’s website.

If your appliance is covered under this notice, you can safely continue using it. However, remember to avoid placing any heavy object on the oven door if you have not secured the tip-over bracket to the wall. Likewise, don’t allow small children to play near the stove if it’s unsecured. Don’t attempt to return recalled stoves to the retailer you purchased them from, as GE isn’t accepting returns on the appliances.

Affected customers can contact GE Appliances to schedule an in-home service appointment for repairs and installation. GE will send a technician to customers’ homes to inspect recalled ranges and properly attach tip-over brackets if they’re missing.