GE Recalls French Door Refrigerators for Freezer Door Issue


General Electric has issued a recall for six models of French door refrigerators sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot. The Kentucky-based manufacturer has received 71 reports of users pulling the freezer door handle off, posing a fall risk for people trying to access the fridge. 

Of these 71 reports, 37 resulted in injuries, and three resulted in serious falls. 

The recall will apply to nearly 155,000 fridges. Read on for more information regarding this recall and what you should do if you’ve purchased an affected refrigerator model. 

Which Items Are Affected?

Six models of GE-manufactured stainless steel french door refrigerators are under a recall notice. The affected models have long, serial-code names. According to the manufacturer, the recalled refrigerators are the GFE26JYMKFFS, GFE26JYMNFFS, GNE27EYMKFFS, GNE27EYMNFFS, GNE27JYMKFFS, and GNE27JYMNFFS. 

If your fridge matches one of those six model numbers and starts with the serial code DR, FR, GR, HR, LR, MR, RR, SR, TR, VR, ZR, AS, DS, FS, GS, HS, LS, or MS, it is subject to the recall. The affected models were sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot hardware stores between February 2020 and August 2021 and were all manufactured in Mexico. You can find the model number and serial code on the inside left door at the top of the unit.

What To Do

If you’ve purchased a recalled fridge, you should take care when opening the freezer portion. An error in the assembly process makes it easy to pop the handle off of the freezer on the bottom of the unit. If you’re pulling on the handle in a hunched position and trying to open the freezer, you could pull the handle off and fall backward at the abrupt release of the component. 

Owners of affected units should open the freezer in a safe posture that offers no chance to fall back. Likewise, they should make sure there are no items that they could fall into located in front of their fridge units. That way, even if the handle does pop off, they won’t stumble back into a piece of furniture.

You can contact GE for a free in-home inspection of the recalled unit, and the company’s licensed repair personnel can replace the freezer door’s handle mounting fasteners. Consumers may reach GE through their customer service line, 888-345-4671. The line is open from 8 AM to 5 PM eastern time, every Monday through Friday. You can also reach the company through their website, which also has a list of all recalled appliances.