Frozen Pizza Recall: Metal Shards Lead to Massive Recall Effort


The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a massive recall on select frozen pizza products as a result of potential metal shards hiding within the pizzas. Over 13,000 pounds of frozen pizza products will be pulled from store shelves to prevent anyone from getting injured or sickened by the presence of the metals.

If you’ve purchased frozen pizzas recently, read on to find out what you should do about this recall.

Which Items Are Recalled?

The USDA has recalled 13,099 pounds of frozen pizzas manufactured by Home Run Inn. The Home Run Inn brand is based in Woodbridge, Illinois, and ships products all over the country. These pizzas could have metal shards hiding within them, according to the USDA – and these shards could pose a serious threat to consumers. 

If you don’t notice the metal in the pizza before you put it in the oven, it could become extremely hot while cooking. Then, upon biting into the superheated metal, it could cause serious injury, including burning or cutting your mouth. If you inadvertently ingest sharp metals, you could also incur damage to your intestinal lining or internal organs.

Other Complications

Other complications can occur when metal shards make their way into your food products. Even if you don’t bite into metal when you first heat up an affected pizza, you might put it in the refrigerator to have later as leftovers. Then, upon reheating it in the microwave, the metal could begin arcing and creating sparks due to the high number of electrons present within the metal.

Moreover, if you have specific metal allergies, you could encounter the metal without realizing it, leading to an allergic reaction. Needless to say, this recall is important for a variety of reasons.

Recall Details 

The recall affects 33.5-oz packages of Home Run Inn CHICAGO’S PREMIUM PIZZERIA DELUXE SAUSAGE CLASSIC PIZZA. All impacted items have a “best by” date of December 03, 2022.

This recall is specifically for products bearing the lot code EST. 18498-A inside their USDA mark of inspection. Retailers have been instructed to remove the products from store shelves and discontinue the sale of any affected items. 

The USDA says that customers should throw away affected products immediately or return them to their place of purchase to seek a refund. The products are unsafe for human or animal consumption. Anyone with questions regarding the recall should contact the USDA at 888-674-6854.