Ford Rocked by a Series of Massive Recalls


Ford just pulled almost a million vehicles off the road. These recalls will affect a wide range of 2019-2020 models, including its most popular cars and trucks. In fact, almost every single vehicle made for the 2020 model year is being recalled.

What Happened?

The biggest percentage of recalled vehicles have faulty backup cameras. Since 2018, every new car sold in the US must be equipped with a functioning backup camera. Congress actually pushed for the change in 2008, but it took ten years for the Department of Transportation to finally enforce it.

The safety package is highly regulated and must meet certain standards, including the length of time that the camera stays on.

Ideally, a backup camera will help prevent drivers from accidentally backing into a pedestrian or cyclist that would be otherwise difficult to see in the rearview mirror. These cameras also make parking and backing onto roadways so much easier. When this technology malfunctions, as is the case in these Ford vehicles, it’s not only unsafe–it’s illegal.

The backup cameras in almost all 2020 Ford vehicles “have insufficient electrical conductivity within the printed circuit board internal to the camera. A rearview camera that intermittently displays a blank or distorted image would not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.”

In plain English: The cameras don’t work. They go dark, rendering them unusable.

Ford will notify drivers of the following 2020 models beginning November 7:

  • Edge
  • Escape
  • Expedition
  • F-150
  • Mustang
  • Ranger
  • Super Duty
  • Transit

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Two More Ford Recalls on the Same Day

The recalls impact over 700,000 vehicles. It’s a massive, widespread issue that will likely be a headache for everyone involved. Since there are so many vehicles that need fixing, drivers should expect delays as they make appointments with authorized dealerships for inspection and repair.

Making matters worse, Ford announced two more recalls on the same day! Although smaller in number, the issues are very serious.

Ford is also recalling 40,000 2020 Mustangs. In these vehicles, the brake pedal bracket could fracture when used. If that happens, the brakes will cease working. This issue only affects Mustangs with an automatic transmission.

The automaker stated that there are no known injuries or crashes, but this is clearly a very major problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Check your Mustang’s VIN against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s database to see if it is involved in this recall.

The third recall affects 2019 Ford F-Series Super Duty Trucks. In these trucks, a poorly welded component on the front axle could cause the steering wheel to pull left or right. If left unfixed, the problem could get worse, making it much more likely that the driver could get into a crash. Again, there are no reported injuries or crashes–yet. This recall impacts about 10,000 trucks in the US