Ford Recalls Over 108k Vehicles Due to Seatbelt Concerns

Ford has issued a recall of over 108,000 vehicles over concerns with their seatbelts. The recall affects specific Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion Models from the 2015 model year. The hardware failure in question relates to the seatbelt cables in the car’s front seats.

If you own either of the affected vehicles, you will likely receive notification from Ford about the issue shortly. Thankfully, the issue seems to have a relatively simple fix.

Ford Seatbelt Recall

Hardware Failures

The hardware failure in question appears to occur due to heat. The cables that provide the seatbelt with its ability to tense and stop passengers or drivers from being thrown from their seats seem to break down over time after being exposed to heat. The dangers this poses to drivers and passengers alike is easy to see: without the right amount of strength, the seatbelt does little to protect the car’s occupants.

Modern seatbelts are highly advanced and adapt the amount of strength they use based on how much movement they detect from the occupant. When the cables are worn down, it makes it more difficult for the vehicle to adequately restrain passengers when the vehicle suddenly slows or stops.

This means that the seatbelts are actually quite dangerous, as they only cover the cap and could cause injury to the midsection in an accident.

The Recall

Ford has stated that it is aware of at least one injury that has occurred as a result of this seatbelt hardware failure. Thankfully, the issue will be easy to resolve. Dealerships will be able to provide a protective coating to the seatbelt cables for free. Ford has confirmed that owners of affected vehicles will be notified starting September 9th.

Keep an eye out for such notification if you own a 2015 Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ. Even if you don’t live in a hot region, it’s important that you get the proper repairs so that your vehicle isn’t at risk for this hardware malfunction. It’s nearly as dangerous to drive with faulty seatbelts as it is to drive with no seatbelts at all!