Although the nation’s focus remains on the election, the health and safety of our citizens is still a priority for agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

New and expanded recalls for Ford Explorers, diabetes drug metformin, and more were all announced this week. Here’s what you need to know.

Ford Recalls Multiple Model Years of Ford Explorers

Ford is recalling 350,000 of its popular Explorer SUVs for a problem with the suspension. Model years 2013-2017 are part of this recall. If that feels like déjà vu to registered Explorer owners, it’s because Ford already recalled the vehicles one for the same issue.

The company revealed that they are aware of 13 accidents and six injuries related to the faulty suspension part. Last year, Ford recalled 1.2 million of the vehicles for a bad rear suspension toe link. Earlier this year, the automaker also recalled a number of other vehicles in their range for the same part.

Registered owners of affected vehicles should watch their mailbox for an official notice from Ford with further instructions.

Even More Metformin Recalled Over Potential Cancer Risk

Metformin is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world. It helps lower blood glucose levels and is the first line of defense for people with type 2 diabetes.

Extended-release forms of this medication produced by a number of different pharmaceutical companies all seem to have the same problem. The drugs have dangerously high levels of NDMA, a chemical compound that is considered to be a carcinogen. The most recent company to recall their extended-release metformin tablets is Nostrum Laboratories Inc.

If you’re concerned about your metformin prescription, reach out to your doctor.

Method Hand Soap Could Be Dirty

Hand soap is a hot commodity because of the ongoing pandemic. With people washing their hands more frequently, we’re going through hand soap faster than ever before. Method, a popular brand of mid-price soaps and cleaners, announced that several lots of their hand soap could be contaminated with a type of bacteria.

Though Pseudomonas aeruginosa is “typically not harmful to healthy individuals,” the company said, “it might pose a risk to individuals with compromised immune systems.”

The recall covers one lot of “Sweet Water” fragrance hand soap in Canada and two lots of “Sea Minerals” soap in the United States.

“We take that risk very seriously, so we’re voluntarily recovering those bottles from retailers. And we are asking consumers to determine whether they have the affected bottles by using this site. If you do, we will tell you how to dispose the product and how to get a full refund,” Method said.