Fisher-Pirce Sleeper Recall Announced Again After Infants Harmed


Fisher-Price has again announced a previous recall for its Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper product after consumers notified the retailer of over 100 infant deaths. These sleepers were initially recalled back in 2019. Fisher-Price is reminding customers about the recall so that no more infants are harmed by its dangerous design.

Since the original recall over three years ago, another 70 infants have died while in the Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper. The company initially issued the recall notice after only 30 such incidents. The recent announcement seeks to prevent any further deaths relating to the unsafe product. 

Why Is It Dangerous?

The Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper is a product that parents can place their infants in that allows them to move about with little restraint. It’s easy for an infant to roll onto their side or stomach while using the sleeper. This is very dangerous for extremely young babies.

Babies can have their breathing passageways obstructed when they sleep on their sides or back. This is because they don’t have well-developed muscles that allow them to push off and away from the side of a sleeper or off of their stomach should their breathing passageways become blocked by a blanket. 

Fisher-Price Reminds Consumers of Recall

The Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper hasn’t been sold in stores since its recall three years ago. However, many families hang onto baby products for future children. They may also give them to other family members for use in their homes. This means many of the recalled sleepers might still be in regular use.

Fisher-Price and the Consumer Product Safety Administration also remind consumers that it’s illegal to knowingly sell recalled products, even on secondhand sites. As such, anyone listing a Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper on a site like eBay or Facebook Marketplace is technically committing a crime.

What Should You Do?

If you purchased one of the recalled products, discontinue its use immediately. Don’t place any infants in the sleeper. Contact Fisher-Price right away to receive a refund or a voucher for a replacement item. It’s not safe to place any infants in the recalled sleeper because it’s too easy for them to roll onto their side or stomach into a dangerous position.

Remember, infants need to sleep on their backs. They should be in a designated crib or some other kind of enclosed, safe sleeping environment. Consult the official Fisher-Price website for more information regarding this recall if you have any further questions.