Dressers Sold at K-Mart Recalled Over Tipping Hazard

Ridgewood | WPRI

Over a million dresser sold as US big-box store K-Mart have been recalled over concerns related to a tipping hazard. The dressers in question are the four-drawer Ridgewood dressers, and they were sold exclusively at K-Mart. If you’ve purchased any dressers from this retailer, you need to check to see if they have been recalled.

Which Dressers Are Affected by the Recall?

The brand of the dressers affected by the recall is “Ridgewood.” The recalled dressers all have four drawers; they came in two distinct sizes and four different colors. Both the 29-3/4”H x 27-5/8”W x 15-5/8”D size and the 32-1/4”H x 27-5/8”W x 15-5/8”D size have been recalled. All four colors (white, black, light pine, and brown oak) have been recalled.

What Is the Purpose of the Recall?

The recall was issued over concerns that the dressers could tip over easily if not anchored to a wall. At the time of this writing, no injuries have been reported due to the furniture overturning, but Ridgewood cautioned that the dressers could cause serious injury or even death to children.

According to official reports, one child dies every two weeks due to falling furniture, so this is not an idle concern. If you own any of the recalled Ridgewood dressers, we recommend keeping children far from them until you can get the dresser anchored to the wall. Also, make sure you stress the importance of never playing on or around furniture to any children who live in or visit your home.

What Should You Do About Your Dresser?

If you own an affected dresser, you should contact Ridgewood to receive a wall anchor and strap free of charge. You can also request a one-time, free  in-home installation of the wall anchoring kit. This will ensure that your furniture is safely secured.

You can contact Ridgewood at 888-222-7460, toll free, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can also direct any further inquiries related to this recall to that number. The recall number is 20-003.