Dog Food Recall Alarms US Dog Owners


If you live in the US and own a dog, there’s a new dog food recall you need to be aware of. An issue involving salmonella and listeria could be of pressing concern to your dog, and the kind of food you buy for them could have been recently recalled. Read on for more information about this recall, what company is affected and what you should do if you’ve bought a bag of recalled dog food.

Recall Information

The recall affects dog food from Bravo Packing, specifically their Ground Beef and Performance Dog foods, in both five- and two-pound sleeves. This frozen, raw pet food is commonly found in specialty stores. Since the food is raw, it always carries the possibility of containing foodborne pathogens, and this recall is related to specifically that kind of risk. An announcement from the Food and Drug Administration warns that the raw food has the potential to carry salmonella and listeria monocytogenes.

As such, the FDA has announced a recall for the Bravo Packing frozen raw meat dog food products. The potential was discovered by an FDA inspection of the dog food, though Bravo Packing contends they’ve heard of no cases of human or pet illness in relation to their food product. Both salmonella and listeria can lead to serious illness, either in pets who ingest contaminated food or in humans who handle it.

If you’ve purchased any of the recalled food, throw it out right away. If you return to the store where you bought it, you can likely procure a refund by producing the receipt and informing the store of the recall notice.

What to Do If Your Pet Is Sick

If you’ve given your pet any of the recalled food, don’t panic. Check on the animal and see if they’re doing okay. Common symptoms of salmonella and listeria are aches, abdominal pains, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. If your pet seems to be showing any of these symptoms, take them to a vet and tell them about the recall and the food they were given.

Likewise, if you have handled the recalled pet food and you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention. While salmonella and listeria can be resolved without a visit to the hospital, in some people with weakened immune systems the illnesses can be potentially deadly. Don’t hesitate to go to the doctor and get medical attention for the illness, as it can be miserable to contend with.