Product recalls are rather common, though most of them aren’t over life-threatening issues. People are often reprimanded for whatever failures led to the recall being necessary, but, typically, that’s the end of it. People don’t typically lose their jobs over a mundane safety recall. However, some recalls can become so sweeping that heads roll at the company.

Companies that have to issue recalls of products that cost them millions of dollars often fire those responsible. This is doubly true of recalls involving deaths of customers who used the products. Jobs are lost over these sorts of conditions almost without fail.

Take, for instance, the Takata recalls of the past ten years. Several top Takata CEOs didn’t just lose their jobs: they faced criminal charges and even went to jail in some cases. This is a great example of how not to manage a company. Due to their negligence, they didn’t just lose their jobs: their customers lost their lives.