Do-Over Needed on GM Brake Recall


The recall previously issued on select 2019 General Motors (GM) trucks and sedans may have introduced a whole new issue. The recall was to fix an issue with the braking systems; however, the recall fix itself introduced a new issue due to dramatic over-correction.

The previous recall was to address issues with vehicles potentially losing partial braking function. The latest recall to fix the previous work done will be fixing the complete opposite problem: instead of losing braking function, owners may experience the brakes being activated when they are not needed.

Recall Information

For owners that have not yet received the original recall fix, you can rest easy as you won’t need a re-do; however, you do still need to take your vehicle in to correct the braking system issue. You will receive the latest software update, which will not cause the additional issue. For owners that did get the original recall work performed, you’ll need to get it redone in order to fix the new issue.

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Cadillac CT6, and GMC Sierra 1500 vehicles were all included in the previous recall. The recall issued last December covered nearly 550,000 vehicles. Approximately 162,000 vehicles received the original fix and those owners, as well as the folks that didn’t get the recall fix, are urged to get their vehicles in for the necessary safety repairs.

Confidence in the Do-Over

According to GM spokesperson, Dan Flores, “We’re confident in this fix.” He also said that after owners get the re-do repair completed, the vehicles will be safe to drive. He declined to comment on the safety of the vehicles that had the original fix but have not received the updated fix.

Flores was unclear on when GM became aware of the problem but stated there “obviously was an issue” and that GM is “moving as quickly as we can to get these fixed.” GM has notified dealers and apologized for the inconvenience to customers, adding “the safety of our customers is the overriding priority in everything we do.”

Whether you received the original fix or not, you will need to schedule an appointment with a GM dealer to have the latest fix applied if you own any of the vehicles listed involved in the original recall last December.