Diet Pills and Recalls: Dangerous Medications to Avoid

It’s no secret that Americans are obsessed with dieting and fitness. While most Americans are guilty of indulging in junk food, the stigma against being “overweight” is still strong. It’s seen as a mark of an unhealthy lifestyle, of poor impulse control, or of just plain old laziness. One of the most dangerous products born of this complex is the diet pill.

Diet pills often work on various different levels, but the most common type is a simple appetite suppressant. Others purport to help kickstart your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories with less exercise. Tampering with one’s own metabolism, however, is quite dangerous. As such, diet pills are commonly recalled and outlawed due to their medical dangers.

In the modern era, diet pills are something of a thing of the past. They’ve been largely replaced by diet fads and meal delivery kits. While dieting is something of a grift, many meal delivery kits have been great for people looking to lose weight. The built-in portion control and fun of cooking make them ideal for some people.