Diabetes Medication Recall Expanded


Nostrum Laboratories, Inc. has expanded its recall of a diabetes medication called Metformin HCI. The recall specifically deals with the medication in tablet form. One lot of the medication–Metformin HCl Extended Release Tablets, USP 750 mg–was found to have levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) well above the FDA daily recommended intake.

NDMA, notably, is thought by medical authorities to be a probable human carcinogen. That means that prolonged exposure is thought to increase patients’ risks for developing cancer. NDMA is also known as an environmental contaminate that can be found in some food and water. Nostrum’s recall of the Metformin has been voluntary.


The medication Metformin is often used to help control blood glucose levels in people with Type II diabetes. Doctors recommend that it be paired with diet and exercise to help control diabetes symptoms relating to blood sugar. The medication that has been recalled come in containers of 100 tablets, with NDC number 29033-056-01.

The lot number for the recalled medication is MET200501. The recalled lot has an expiration date of 7/22. Those who use the medication are instructed to consult their doctor right away. It is unsafe to continue taking the recalled Metformin. As such, it is important that patients prescribed the medication work with their doctor to find an alternative treatment method or to acquire a non-recalled medication for it.

Contact your doctor if you think you’ve been having any symptoms that could be related to taking recalled Metformin. Those with a Metformin prescription should not ignore their diabetes symptoms just because their medication has been recalled; it is important that they work with their doctors to figure out an alternative treatment plan. Simply discontinuing use of medication altogether with no alternative plan could be life-threatening.

Recall Comes Amidst Health Crisis

The US faces rising rates of Type II diabetes, due in large part to lifestyle and dietary choices. Many experts have warned of the public health crisis relating to obesity and diabetes in the US. Some nutritionists blame the issue on sugary soft drinks, processed snack foods and sedentary lifestyles. Whatever the reason, the reality of the situation is that more people than ever are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes.

It is vital that Americans understand the importance of what they eat. If you’re only eating fast food and only drinking soda, you’re likely to experience negative health consequences. This is why an active exercise regiment and a nutritious diet are so important.