Checks Are On The Way! Read Below On When You’ll Receive It.

Stimulus Checks Are Coming Your Way!  When will you see the check? Based on history, here is when you can expect to receive your check. Wave 1 could be as early as this weekend.  Wave 1 includes direct deposit recipients.  If you opted for direct deposit when filing your 2019 taxes or if you selected direct deposit on your 2020 taxes, you could be in the first wave.  The IRS sends these first because it’s very easy for them to transfer the funds. Wave 2 is the paper check recipients.  If you received your last check by mail, you will likely receive this check by mail as well. Wave 3 is the EIP card recipients.  The last round of EIP cards were sent via unmarked envelopes so make sure if you are expected an EIP card that you do not throw any of your mail away. Wave 4 are the recovery rebate recipients.  If you’re eligible for a check but you didn’t receive it in waves 1,2,3 then you could follow up after checks have been distributed to find out where your funds are at.