Could Your Dog’s Treats Be Making YOU Sick?

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An outbreak of drug-resistant Salmonella linked to pet treats has swept across 33 states. Here’s what you need to know in order to keep your family safe.

Nationwide Outbreak

The Food and Drug Administration, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease for Control, warns people not to buy or feed pig ear treats to dogs. If you already purchased this type of treat from any manufacturer, you should throw it away immediately.

127 cases of Salmonella have been reported so far, with 26 people needing hospitalization. More than 20% of the patients were children under 5 years old. While a salmonella infection is unpleasant for a healthy adult, it can be deadly for children, the elderly, or people with compromised immune systems.

Unfortunately, no single supplier is at fault. The CDC and FDA have been working with state health departments to test pig ear treats from different suppliers, and they’ve identified multiple strains of Salmonella in the samples. So far, a common factor seems to be treats shipped from Brazil and Argentina, but the agencies have determined that no treats of this type are safe.

Ongoing Recall by Lennox Brand

Lennox Intl Inc, a pet food company based in New Jersey, issued a recall of smoked pig ear treats on July 26. They expanded the product recall on July 31. Both individually wrapped treats and bulk bags have tested positive for Salmonella. Lennox issued the recall for treats manufactured between November 2018 and July 2019.

The specific products that have been recalled are as follows:

  • 8-pack branded pouch under UPC 742174 995163, 742174994166
  • Individually shrink-wrapped under UPC 0385384810, and 742174P35107

Lennox is only offering refunds to customers who have a receipt for their products. You can contact the company at 1-800-583-8980 or to learn more.

How Can Dog Treats Make People Sick?

No, people aren’t eating dog treats! Instead, the bacteria is transferred to their hands after feeding the dried pig ear treats to their dogs. Even worse, people can get sick after petting dogs who have eaten the treats. Pet owners are advised to wash their hands with antibacterial soap after caring for their four-legged friends.

Your pets are also at risk of getting a Salmonella infection. The most common symptom in dogs–as with humans–is diarrhea. They may also develop a fever or start vomiting. If your dog appears sick after eating a pig ear treat, you should take it to the vet immediately.

The typical treatment is antibiotics, although severe cases may require your pet to be hospitalized overnight with an IV drip.

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