College Students Demanding Refunds for Forced Online Coursework

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended many norms and caused a massive shift in life for pretty much everyone. College students have been affected too, with nearly every college in the US shifting their Spring and Summer courses to online-only. Many students, however, didn’t want to earn their MBA online.

There has been outcry, both online and in the form of formal complaints, about the sudden switch to online classes. Many students believe they should be issued refunds for their Summer and even Fall courses if their classes are to be online, not in-person.

These students have rightly pointed out that in-person classes often demand a higher tuition payment. Not to mention, there are many students who live on campus and have to pay for room and board. They, also rightly, want to have refunds issued for their room and board and on-campus dining expenses, if they have pre-paid for these services.

Colleges are mostly complying, but some have forced the issue to go to legal litigation.