Chevy and GMC Pickup Truck Recall: Power Steering Issue


Chevrolet and GMC truck owners beware: your vehicle may have been recalled recently over issues with power steering. If you drive a Chevy or GMC vehicle, read on for important information about a recall notice that might affect your vehicle.

What’s Included in the Recall?

The recall was announced by General Motors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday, and covers a sizable number of Chevy and GMC pickup trucks. The recall affects over 60,000 of the vehicles, all midsize pickup trucks made for the 2015 model year.

The two makes in question are the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups. If you drive a 2015 model of these vehicles, you could be affected by the recall. If so, keep an eye on your mailbox: General Motors will send you a notice in the mail alerting you to the recall should you be included.

Recall Purpose

The recall is in relation to a potential power steering failure in the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado builds from 2015. In particular, there’s an issue in the steering gear assembly. An electrical connector in the assembly can go bad, sending issues through the power steering system. While many drivers have noticed the issue is often the worst when they first start their vehicle, it can persist during the course of normal driving, too.

Today’s drivers are largely unfamiliar with what life was like before power steering became common. However, if you expect your vehicle to have power steering and then suddenly lose that feature, your risk for accidents increases greatly. Without power steering, it can be incredibly difficult to turn your wheel, making some inexperienced drivers panic.

While it is possible to keep control of your vehicle without power steering, as it is technically a luxury feature, it can be very disruptive for drivers to suddenly lose access to it.

Recall Fix

If your car is included in the recall notice, you’ll be able to take it to a GM dealership to have it serviced, free of charge. Technicians will fix the issue by installing a new steering gear torque sensor cover assembly. This assembly is the same one used in later models of the same trucks, and is not prone to the same failure.

The recall will be at no extra charge for owners, and those who are out of warranty will be reimbursed by GM for the cost of the repair. In the meantime, drivers are urged to be careful if their pickup trucks are experiencing the power steering issue.