Butterball Recalls Ground Turkey Products Over Plastic Contamination Concerns


The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced a recall of over 14,000 pounds of Butterball ground turkey. Butterball, a food production company based in North Carolina, stated that the recall is due to the potential of plastic contamination.

If you have purchased any Butterball turkey products recently, read on to learn if they have been recalled.

What Products Have Been Recalled? 

The first affected product line is Butterball’s 2.5-pound tray of ground turkey. To identify a recalled tray of this turkey, look for a best-by date of October 18, 2021. Recalled products also have a case number of 50211271, and a timestamp between 2123 and 2302. These products have packaging that refers to them as “farm to family Butterball all-natural ground turkey”.

The other recalled product included in the notice is three-pound trays of “Kroger Ground Turkey.” Unlike the 2.5-pound trays, these have a best-by date of October 17, 2021. These trays will also have a case number of 50211271, and a timestamp between 2314 and 2351.

Why Were They Recalled?

Butterball issued the recall due to the possible presence of plastic contamination in the ground turkey. The recall notice indicates that hard blue plastic could have been included in the recalled packages. These kinds of recalls happen when a component at the packaging facility breaks during normal operation. The most likely scenario is that a piece of plastic from the plant fell into the same grinder as the recalled turkey. This could have caused the plastic to spread throughout the products.

Where Were They Sold?

The Butterball recall includes products that were sold all over the US at various retailers. The 3-pound trays were only sold at Kroger stores.

What to Do If You Purchased the Recalled Items

If you have purchased any of the recalled products, you are encouraged to discard them or return them to the store you purchased them from. If you still have your receipt, simply return the items for a full refund. No one should eat the recalled items: the presence of plastic in the meat could lead to injury or illness.

As of the time of this writing, there have been no reports of any injuries or illnesses related to the presence of the plastic. If you have consumed any of the recalled products and you’re worried about your health, contact your medical provider right away. Customers with more questions about the recall should contact Butterball’s customer support line at 800-288-8372.